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ennio International is a South Australia-based, family-owned textile manufacturer whose entire purpose is the craft of designing, customising and manufacturing of nettings & casings specifically for the global meat and poultry industry.


Founding &


ennio's story began in the 1980's when they released an improved design of elastic netting launched as "String Cling".

This family owned business had built their success within the fashion industry and was revered within Australia as Mercuri Knitwear during the 1950's - 1980's. Its metamorphosis commenced through recognition of an opportunity in the meat packaging industry where they were able to utilised their knitting expertise to create elastic netting that provided solution to many challenges faced by the industry at the time.

Over the ensuing 30 years, the family launched a plethora of patented netting and casing products which addressed a gap in the Australian market and were known for their problem-solving and progressive attitude.

Right: Gervasio & Giovanna Mercuri, Founders.


Craft & Innovate

Ennio has a reputation for innovation and “problem solving” with a long history of working with customers to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Latest technology, new ideas and traditional-style meat manufacturing methods have been combined to produce new products that achieve an attractive, hand-made, “old-world” appearance at high speed rate. This has resulted in packaging that is easy to use and improves efficiencies for the producer.


Quality and presentation has remained at the forefront of Ennio’s brand, which has resulted in a product that is clearly differentiated from competitors.

We strive for excellence. 

At ennio we understand how critical quality is to you. This is why we are committed to providing excellent products through continuous quality monitoring and improvement to ensure they meet all relevant Australian & international standards.

We meet standards established by the following regulatory bodies:



Distinguished Family Business of the Year

Family Business Australia

Celebrate and recognise the achievements of family owned Australian businesses, and the special achievers who contribute positively to our lives, our culture and the future of the Australian economy.

Hall of Fame Award

Family Business Australia

A highly regarded peer commendation bestowed at a state level by Family Business Australia on some outstanding, local family businesses. Regardless of size of the business, this citation recognises the achievements of families that are managing respected and successful family businesses and pays homage to the significant role they play in our community, society and economy. 


Business SA Excellence in Exporting Awards

Business SA

The winners' products and services confirmed the continuing diversification of the State’s economy and the innovation and expertise of the export mix appealed to overseas buyers.


International Award for the Technological Innovation


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