Elastic Netting

Ennio Elastic Nettings

Ennio Elastic Nettings are designed to stop formation of air pockets, ensuring your product maintains better colour and slices easily. Whilst a wide range of standard mesh net elastic nettings are available, Ennio also has designed speciality patented products to provide additional benefits for your products.






Spring-Net™ Patented

Easiest to peel of all nettings, Patented web stitch design.
For roasting, smoking and water cooking                                                                                                             






TY-Net™ & TY-Net Clear ™ Patented
Traditional hand-tied look
For rolled roast products






Roast-Net Clear™
Perfect for rolled roast products, transparent vertical, easy-peel





General purpose elastic netting






AB-Net™ Patented
Economy nettting for fresh meat






Diamond-Net™ & Hexa-NetTM: elastic & rigid
Give beautiful diamond indentations for decorative shape on bone-in and boneless ham and poultry products






For Premium Smallgoods (Pancetta and Capocollo)
twin elastic gives old-style traditional look and super strength






PF-Net™ (Pre-Fixed Netting) Patented
Stretches to a predetermined diameter,
excellent for product consistency of size







Jumbo and Mini Jumbo Rolls
From 1000m to 50m Rolls







The smarter alternative to collagen film
Used on smoked netted meat products