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Ennio, Quality Ensured!

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Whilst Ennio is well known for their unique range of patented meat packaging products, it is their dedication to quality that will ensure your reputation is upheld.

All products manufactured by Ennio have been subjected to the compliance testing and quality assurance standards applicable to the industry.

Ennio is both Quality Assured (ISO9001:2008) and HACCP Approved which ensures that all critical control points are covered on the design, development, manufacture and supply of specialised packaging to the processed meat industry both nationally and internationally.

Extremely stringent regulations regarding meat processing packaging are monitored by the current US Code of Federal Regulations and Ennio products meet these high standards of the US Food and Drug Association as well as the EEC Commission Directive.

Additional approvals have been sought and met through both AQIS, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and Health Canada where rigorous scientific testing was undertaken to achieve approvals for this market.

Ennio products are strongly branded and are highly recognisable in the industry which creates a co-branded quality guarantee. Your quality products have been packaged with quality approved products, making sure that your reputation and standing is above repute.

Ennio is committed to supplying continually innovative solutions and quality products to their customers who are guaranteed of reliability and consistency through these compliance and assurance procedures, in turn adding to the value of your products and providing an additional quality guarantee.