60 Years of Innovation, Invention & Evolution

Ennio International’s story began in the 1980's when they released an improved design of elastic netting launched as “String Cling”.

This family owned business had built their success within the fashion industry and was revered within Australia as Mercuri Knitwear during the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Its metamorphosis commenced through recognition of an opportunity in the meat packaging industry where they were able to utilise their knitting expertise to create elastic netting that provided solutions to many challenges faced by the industry at that time.

Over the ensuing 30 years, the family launched a plethora of patented netting and casing products which addressed a gap in the Australian market and were known for their problem-solving and progressive attitude.

Now exported to many international markets, Ennio International is becoming a name synonymous with quality packaging solutions for the meat, poultry and smallgoods industry on a global scale.

Founders of Reinvention

Husband and wife team, Gervasio and Giovanna Mercuri brought their design experience to Australia from Italy in 1957 and founded Mercuri Knitwear in Adelaide. As Mrs Mercuri and husband Gervasio built their business into a significant company, their quality garments won numerous Australian awards.

But as manufacturing declined in Australia, the Mercuri family began to forge a new direction. They formed Ennio Pty Ltd in 1983, utlising their renowned skills to produce elastic netting and fabric casings for the meat trade. It is this tradition of reinvention that continues with products designed by Ennio International until this day, 30 years later.